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Soil profile investigation of clay loam Endocalcary-Endohypogleyic Cambisol. This soil type is located in the North part of Lithuania. Soil is productive by origin, heavy textured, with neutral pH, while hard to manage. Tillage timeliness is a crucial factor to get good crop establishment. Photograph by assoc. prof. Jonas Volungevičius (LAMMC).

2020.08.13 |

Lithuanian political outlook on the development of soil sustainability

Practical results from EJP SOIL will be a baseline for politicians to draw up the guidelines for future economic development and for the creation of legislative processes. It is of paramount significance to know what soil resources are available and what can be expected from potential soil productivity.

Photo by Oskar Puschmann, NIBIO.

2020.08.13 |

Is moving soil the solution in Norway, when agricultural land is built over?

As Europe’s population increases, commensurate pressure is being put on politicians and legislative authorities to re-zone agricultural land to make way for new houses, roads, airports and commercial areas. How should politicians proceed? Can the soil be excavated and moved to create new fields to a comparable soil quality? And who should bear the…

INIA´s agricultural experimental field station ‘La Canaleja’, Photo by José Luis Gabriel.

2020.08.13 |

EJP SOIL is an opportunity for Spain to strengthening research in agricultural soils

Identification of research gaps, support compilation of soil data, increased knowledge sharing and enhanced cooperation between soil scientists, advisors, farmers and policy makers. These are some of the Spanish anticipations of the activities in EJP SOIL.

2020.08.13 |

Connecting soil data and agricultural management policies

There is a need for compilation and translation of research into applicable and manageable recommendations for more sustainable use of soils, say members of the Swiss National Hub.

Wheat harvest at La Canaleja Field Station (INIA, Alcalá de Henares, Spain). The experiment consisted on the evaluation of different wheat varieties and crop managements for evaluation of better agricultural practices for nitrogen and water use efficiency under semiarid rain fed conditions on a long-term experiment included in EJP SOIL. Photo by: José Luis Gabriel

2020.08.13 | News from the management

The European challenge: Matching scientific knowledge with applicable sustainable management practices to achieve climate smart agriculture

The challenge for European policy makers is to develop efficient agricultural and environmental policies, encompassing soil management that effectively reduces climate impact in different geo-climatic regions, while at the same time bridging the needs and aspirations in food production.

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