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Photo: Julien Bunkens 2021, Travail sol deux tracteurs, Hesbaye region.

2021.12.10 | Research news

Innovative soil management practices across Europe

Documentation of innovative soil management practices in Europe will provide information on regional and local practices and conditions. Online interactive maps, description, data and graphic will be accessble to the public.

2021.12.10 | Research news

Under what conditions will carbon sequestration benefit agroecosystem services?

By enhancing carbon sequestration in soils, agricultural management practices improve agroecosystem services, such as soil quality and biodiversity. However, soil carbon sequestration comes at a cost of other services. A ranked list of climate-zone indicators will increase the predictability of the magnitude of the trade-offs in agricultural soils.

Photo: Water erosion on a field after heavy rainfall event July 2021 in Petzenkirchen, Austria. Photo by Gerhard Rab.

2021.12.10 | Research news

Strategies for connected landscape elements to reduce water erosion

Modelling and scaling can help us understand how fields, rivers and streets are connected. This insight can help reduce damages from water erosion impacts and provide recommendations for improved mitigation strategies.

2021.12.10 | Research news

New research focus on soil resilience and on reducing vulnerability to climate change

10 new EJP SOIL funded research projects will focus on agricultural ecosystem services, above and below ground. The objective is to improve soil health, soil carbon sequestration and reduce the effects of climate change on agricultural production.

Vision of the new EU Soil Strategy for 2030 aligned with EJP SOIL

2021.12.10 | Knowledge exchange

European strategy for healthy soils and sustainable soil management

A key deliverable of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal was the release of a new EU soil strategy on the 17th of November 2021. According to the EU Soil Strategy for 2030, protection, sustainable use and restoration of soil must become the new normal. Urgent action and a legislative proposal on soil health, increased research and…

Gasum biogas plant at Lohja (image source: Gasum Ltd).

2021.12.09 | Knowledge exchange

Sustainable soil management connects with digitalization and circular economy in new business models in Finland

Finish companies provide digital and innovative approaches to sustainable soil management. Cloud computing, digitalization and circular economy shape sustainable agricultural soil management in Finland.

Future events

Fri 10 Dec
09:00-15:00 | Online Workshop
Internal online workshop: Conducting a meta-analysis in soil science
The workshop offers lectures, demonstration of different tools helping to deal with missing data and practical exercises.