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Photo: DCA, AU, Denmark

2021.02.17 | Research news

New research projects will develop climate smart sustainable management of agricultural soils

Management of agricultural soils is becoming a key aspect in the fight against climate change and its consequences. A new research effort comprising ten trans-European research projects will support the development of climate-smart and sustainable management of agricultural soils.

2021.02.08 |

List of potential AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES that ECO-SCHEMES could support

The CAP is instrumental in managing the transition towards a sustainable food system and in strengthening the efforts of European farmers to contribute to the EU’s climate objectives and to protect the environment. Eco-schemes are a new instrument in the CAP to support this transition. Member States will set eco-schemes in their CAP strategic…

Future events

Wed 10 Feb
13:00-15:30 | Virtual
Final meeting of the H2020 CIRCASA
Kick-starting the work of an International Research Consortium (IRC) on soil carbon sequestration in agriculture to support and help coordinate international research and innovation in this field.
Wed 24 Feb
16:00-17:30 | Online Webinar
Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative Speaks: Targeting, Monitoring, and Conserving Soil Biodiversity: Soil biodiversity observation networks across the globe