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Photo by Prof. Dr. Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

2021.07.19 | Publication

Set of reports on State of knowledge in agricultural soil management

A new report addresses state-of-the-art knowledge about three major topics of soil research, namely soil carbon stocks, soil degradation and fertility, and strategies for improved soil management.

A wheat cropland assay with different fertilizers in Albacete, Spain. Photo by Felipe Bastida

2021.07.19 | Research news

Is it possible to foster soil fertility and slow down climate change? The SOMMIT project aims at understanding soil management to do just this

Agricultural practices can determine the role of soils as a source or sink of greenhouse gases and thus critically influence the capacity of soils for climate regulation. The SOMMIT project will advance our understanding on this matter and help to predict how soils response to different soil management options aimed to increase soil carbon storage.

Photo by Søren Kjeldgaard; AU-foto, Denmark

2021.07.19 | Publication

Report on the current availability and use of soil knowledge

An EJP SOIL report provides a synthesis of stakeholders’ perceptions of knowledge on and use of knowledge on sustainable soil management, as well as the knowledge needs.

South-Estonia, Kambja parish, Paali village. Photo by: Alar Astover, Estonian University of Life Sciences

2021.07.19 | Publication

Accounting and monitoring soil quality and soil carbon stocks

A report from EJP SOIL presents an inventory of models for accounting and monitoring soil quality and soil carbon stocks. The main conclusion from the study is the high variability in the use of models independently of studied scale and purpose.

Organic manure spreading at AFBI Research Farm, Hillsborough, UK. Photo:  Cliff Mason

2021.07.19 | Publication

Stocktake study and recommendations for harmonizing methodologies for fertilization guidelines

An EJP SOIL report identifies substantial differences in the content, format and delivery of current fertilization guidelines across members of EJP SOIL and an inadequate knowledge of these guidelines between environmental zones.

2021.07.15 | Research news

Evaluating satellite observation for predicting topsoil carbon

The STEROPES project aims to push forward the use of satellite time series, such as those made available by the European Space Agency, in order to update maps. There is a need to spatially estimate and monitor soil properties for decision support and land management.

2021.07.06 | Talent development

Pre-announcement of Call - Targeting researchers located at institutions outside the EJP SOIL consortium who intend to improve research and enhance collaboration.

The call will open 01.09.2021 and will close 01.10.2021. The results of the evaluation process will be announced individually to applicants by the middle of November 2021. Rationale and aim The European Joint Programme “EJP SOIL - Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils” aims at facilitating the access to the European…

2021.06.18 | Events

The Slovakian EJP SOIL team active at the SLOVAK FIELD DAYS - June 2021

National agricultural and food centre, the EJP SOIL project team, presented the current EJP SOIL project as an opportunity for efficient and modern land management in Slovakia.

2021.06.14 | Meeting

Cluster meeting on Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources1 - EJP SOIL represented

The cluster meeting on Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources was organized by REA on 20 May 2021 with the EJP SOIL programme represented.

2021.04.29 | Research news

First EJP SOIL External Call

The objective of this call is to foster holistic agricultural (forestry soils are not excluded) soil management practices which will assist in making a shift to diversify farming to include a variety of sustainable and environmental practices.

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