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2021.04.29 | Research news

Call for a member of Scientific Committee to support review process of applications for visiting scientist support programme

EJP SOIL programme launches the call for a member of Scientific Committee, evaluating the applications of grantees seeking funds for visiting scientist support (task 5.4) and access to infrastructure (task 7.4) which are parts of WP 5 “Education, training and capacity building” and WP 7 “Synthesis on knowledge integration. Access to…

2021.04.02 | Research news

First external Call (pre-announcement)

The objective is to foster nature-based and novel-technology agricultural soil management practices in order to overcome mono and conservative farming towards sustainable production and environmental protection.

2021.04.01 | Research news

Second EJP SOIL Internal Call - OPEN

The overall objective to fill research and development gaps identified by the “Roadmap for the European Joint Program SOIL” and the annual work program of the EJP SOIL for year two.

2021.04.01 | Research news

Visiting Scientist Support - 1st Call

Strengthening scientific capacities and cooperation across Europe by building human and institutional capacity in soil science education and training in short and medium term, including training of young soil scientists.

2021.03.29 | Education news

Visiting scientists support - 1st Call (pre-announcement)

Strengthening institutional partnerships and networking to advance scientific joint work on climate-smart agricultural soil.

Students in the field visit to till formation. Photo by Jennie Barron

2021.03.04 | Research news

Survey on soil science in higher education shows desire for stronger cross European collaboration

The EU has realized the importance of strengthening research and capacity in soil science to meet both global and local challenges in sustainable and climate smart soil management. However, only 10% of higher education institutes have dedicated soil science departments. Building the human capacity will therefore be critical.

Soil excursion in nice condition. Photo by Stéphane Burgos, HALF

2021.03.04 | Research news

Next generation of soil scientists in Switzerland – recognizing challenges and finding solutions

Nurturing a hands-on approach to find practical solutions to current soil challenges. Given the growing realization of the importance of soils, soil science education in Europe is steadily growing and becoming a stand-alone science.

Training under “I’m protecting my future” project. Photo by Fatih Akcan.

2021.03.04 | Research news

The role of education in sustainable soil management in Turkey

Raising awareness through training and education is crucial to achieving sustainable soil management. If measures, actions and plans are not based on sound education, success cannot be achieved for sustainable soil and land management.

Figure 1: Experiment performed at “El Cerrito-Requena” experimental field (CSIC) to assess mulching-induced benefits on soil quality and vine performance in semi-arid vineyards.

2021.03.04 | Research news

Agricultural soil challenges in Spain: overcoming existing barriers for the implementation of sustainable practices

Spain has a great diversity of agricultural soils due to large variations in climate, geology, land uses, and crops. Soil loss is of particular concern in most of its territory, along with N-related pollution caused by inadequate farming procedures. Several sustainable practices have been proposed to tackle those challenges and public policies may…

Photo: Aeres university of applied sciences

2021.03.04 | Research news

The value of engaging students in soil research is underestimated

Engaging students in research projects strengthens the link between the sector and education, changes the project dynamics and provides the opportunity to update the educational system.

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