TOPIC RELATED WORKSHOPS for the interested applicants

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Monday 25 April 2022,  at 10:00 - 15:30

TOPIC RELATED WORKSHOPS for the interested applicants on 25 April 2022

In these workshops you will have a chance to discuss the call topics, network with the other interested applicants and start collaborations for building up proposals together. We welcome all researchers interested in the EJP SOIL 3rd internal call to join us. Please, prepare 1-2 slides, to briefly present yourself and research questions you are interested in, and if you like: method approaches, infrastructures available etc. If you wish to coordinate a proposal: you can prepare a longer (~10 min) presentation of your background and on research questions you are interested in regarding this call. You are also welcomed to join the discussions and present yourself even without slides!

The workshops will be held online on Monday, 25th of April 2022, starting from 10:00 (CEST). Some of the sessions will be run parallel. A detailed schedule and the Teams links can be found from the EJP SOIL Slack workspace (if you don’t have access, email EJPCO@maapera.fi).

The first four sessions will start at 10.00 and two at 12.00 (CEST) and the final workshop at 14.00 (CEST). 

Click here to see detailed program and links to the sessions.

Link to Call 3 webpage with additional information: click here