A first impression of the possible products and outcomes of the CarboSeq project

In October, the largest EJP Soil project, CarboSeq, had a meeting in Rome, Italy, where the participants presented their progress, enabling everyone to get a first impression of the possible products and outcomes of the project.

Photo: Felix Seidel

The CarboSeq project aims to deliver feasible C-sequestration potentials of agricultural measures for Europe with the final product being an interactive map for Europe.

Following an invitation of the project partner CREA in Rome, the CarboSeq coordinators planned a two-day project meeting back in October, where 40 scientists from all around Europe gathered to evaluate progress and identify problems in the project and to plan to upcoming months.

On the agenda was the potential area of implementation of measures that increase soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks on croplands and grasslands, and biochar and other amendments were discussed in this context.

It was further discussed how SOC increases on waterlogged soils, in subsoils and the possible effects of higher SOC on other greenhouse gas emissions than CO2 - and so was modelling and how the CarboSeq model toolbox can be implemented and used by each partner:

- We got a big step closer to the outcomes of the project and further deepened the collaboration between work packages and partners, says Felix Seidel from the Th√ľnen Institute in Germany, who is the project communication representative:

- This meeting was the necessary push to enable the CarboSeq team to create the first maps for selected measures, and these are anticipated this winter, he states.

The next CarboSeq meeting will likely be at IUNG in Poland in the spring of 2024.

Further information

You can read more about the CarboSeq project on this website

Contact: Felix Seidel, Project communication representative, felix.seidel@thuenen.de