Internal online workshop: Conducting a meta-analysis in soil science

The workshop offers lectures, demonstration of different tools helping to deal with missing data and practical exercises.

2021.12.01 | Line Carlenius Berggreen

Date Fri 10 Dec
Time 09:00 15:00
Location Online Workshop

The 1-day online workshop “Conducting a meta-analysis in soil science” is dedicated to EJP SOIL consortium members


First Session from 9:30 to 12:00 CET:

Advanced Systematic literature search and meta-analysis:

  • What is meta-analysis?
  • Application of meta-analysis
  • Initiating a meta-analysis: question formulation and data collection
  • Type of data and their conversion to effect sizes
  • Non-independence of observations
  • Combining effect sizes, weighing, and testing for moderators
  • Format of report and review of case studies
  • Examples of problematic meta-analyses
  • Publication bias
  • MetaWin - software for meta-analysis

Second session from 13:00 to 15:00 CET:

How to include more studies in your meta-analysis:

  • Using EX-TRACT tool for estimation of standard deviations from ANOVA and post-hoc tests
  • Using SOC calculator to compute total SOC stock and its standard deviation from layered soils

There will be  time for questions and answers.

Participants will get presentations, meta-analysis handbooks, MetaWin software, the tools and user manuals.  

To register for this workshop please contact Felix Seidel: