Optimizing C inputs from roots in agricultural systems

Focusing on different systems, one on conventional, pure cultures and the other on mixed cultures, the projects, MaxRoot-C and MIXROOT-C are complementary to each other and are developed to ensure maximum synergies and maximum complementarity.

Both systems are relevant in European agriculture since one is the dominating system (pure cultures) and one is an upcoming niche system (mixed system). In both systems large knowledge gaps exist on aspects of root C input to the soil and their role for soil C storage, specifically subsoil C storage. In pure culture systems the main question is how different genotypes and cover crop types can be used and developed by breeders that optimize and maximize root C input (MaxRoot-C). In mixed systems it is the question how synergistic effects can be stimulated by combining different crop types (MIXROOT-C).

Further information

EJP SOIL MaxRoot C website: Click here

EJP SOIL MIXROOT-C website: Click here

Joint projects website: https://mixmaxroot.com/

MaxRoot-C Project coordinator: Rebecca Hood-Nowotny (Rebecca.Hood@BOKU.ac.at)  

MaxRoot-C Project communication representative: Anna Wawra (anna.wawra@ages.at

MIXROOT-C Project coordinator: Isabelle Bertrand (isabelle.bertrand@inrae.fr)

MIXROOT-C Project communication representative: Eric Mignard (eric.mignard@inrae.fr)