SOMMIT webinar: Agriculture, Forests and other land use (AFOLU) GHG inventory: soil’s carbon stock changes and non-CO2 emissions

2021.02.17 | Line Carlenius Berggreen

Date Fri 23 Apr
Time 11:00 13:00
Location Webinar

Overview of the IPCC methodology

The purpose of the webinar is to provide an overview of 2006 IPCC guidelines for national GHG Inventories (and 2019 refinement) for the estimation of soil’s carbon stock changes and non-CO2 emissions from agricultural soils. These guidelines  assist  Countries, Parties of the UN  Framework  Convention  on  Climate  Change (UNFCCC) in  compiling  national  inventories  of  greenhouse  gases, in order  to comply with their yearly commitment and in accordance with the decisions of the negotiation process.

Presenting guideline emission factors and parameters  

The various emission factors and parameters provided by the guidelines, which determine the estimate of SOC change and non-CO2 emissions, depending on pedoclimatic conditions, land use and soil management practices, will be presented during the webinar. In particular, the limits of the guidelines in estimating the trade-off between SOC change and non-CO2 emissions will be highlighted, with the purpose of stimulating the discussion about the potentiality of the SOMMIT project of improving and integrating this aspect, and how this objective can be addressed at the initial stage of the project.

Target audience

Participants in the SOMMIT project and other consortium members interested within the EJP-soil network.

The webinar will be held by Angela Fiore, Marina Vitullo and Eleonora Di Cristofaro from ISPRA (Italian institute for environmental protection and research), who are involved in the SOMMIT project.


For webinar poster: click here