Movie about Hungarian National Hub at AGROFILM 2023

At AGROFILM 2023, the international film festival focusing on rural development, a movie titled 'SOIL=LIFE,' produced by Péter László (National Communication Representative in Hungary), will be showcased. The film highlights stakeholders involved in the EJP SOIL National Hub.

AGROFILM is an international festival of films primarily focused on themes related to agriculture and rural development. The 39th International Film Festival AGROFILM 2023 will be held in Nitra, Slovakia, from October 2nd to October 7th, 2023.

At this event, the audience will have the opportunity to watch Péter László's movie 'SOIL=LIFE,' in which the actors explain their connection to the soil in their daily tasks. The stakeholders emphasize the importance of soil life and explain what they do to maintain and improve it through their work.

A festival about science

The objective of the festival is to inform both professionals and the general public, through audio-visual formats, about the latest findings in science, research, development, and practices related to agriculture, food industries, population nutrition, rural area issues and their inhabitants, natural resource conservation, and the enhancement of quality of life.

Agrofilm aims to showcase and discuss 'examples of good practices' while providing a platform for dialogue among researchers, professionals, and the wider public.

Agrofilm is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, with the festival itself being managed by the National Agricultural and Food Centre - Research Institute for Animal Production in Nitra. The festival's partners include the town of Nitra, the Nitra Self-governing Region, universities, the Centre of Scientific-Technical Information SK, the Food and Agriculture Organization, as well as other international and Slovak institutions.

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