Unveiling C.S.I.: Your comprehensive resource for carbon farming schemes worldwide

Carbon Schemes Inventories, or C.S.I., is a new web platform dedicated to providing detailed information about carbon farming schemes in Europe and around the world.

The platform is based on the common inventory data on carbon farming schemes drafted within the Road4Schemes project.

C.S.I. is a tool that promotes collaboration, transparency, and the dissemination of crucial information for the carbon farming sector, thereby contributing to global efforts to mitigate climate change.

Among the main functionalities of the platform are:

  • Advanced search by geographical filters.
  • Type of scheme (action-based, result-based, or hybrid).
  • Detailed description of the status of the schemes (concept phase, discontinued, or implemented)
  • The type of payment (private, public, or private/public) and type of certification issued (certificate, credits, label, or official document) if any.
  • Description of the agricultural categories (agroforestry, biochar, complete farm schemes, forestry, arable farming, grassland, or peatland) and measures involved.
  • Summary reports and infographics are provided, as well as contact information, in compliance with privacy regulations.

Main users

This innovative application is designed to meet the needs of three main user groups:

  1. Political Institutions: Governmental bodies can use "C.S.I." to monitor the status of carbon farming projects' development and identify emerging needs in the sector. The platform offers a personalized dashboard and analytical tools to help political institutions make informed decisions.
  2. Project Developers: Project developers can explore the platform to find certification bodies and potential collaborators for their carbon farming projects. The advanced search functionality allows them to easily identify partners suitable for their needs.
  3. Certification Bodies: Certification bodies can use the application to verify the presence of other active stakeholders in the sector and promote transparency of information. The platform offers detailed search tools and the possibility to share information about certification organizations.

Find the platform here.