2021.10.21 | Education news

EJP SOIL Course: Guiding national soil information providers towards INSPIRE compliance - 12-14/01/2022

INSPIRE compliant: What is that? How do you make your data INSPIRE compliant? Location: Wageningen, NL. Deadline for applications: 1st of December

2021.10.02 | PhD Course

EJP SOIL PhD Course on Soil Systems

Soil systems: Analytical methods for integrating the chemical and biophysical interface in soils. 9th November – 3rd December 2021 - Apply until: 02/11-2021

2021.09.24 | Knowledge exchange

Future IRC on soil carbon is an opportunity for EJP SOIL to widen partnerships and impacts beyond the EJP SOIL consortium.

Soil organic carbon sequestration is one of the domains of the EJP SOIL programme, with the expected impact of improving its understanding for climate change mitigation.

2021.08.31 | Talent development

Visiting scientists support – 2-nd call

The call will be open from 01.09.2021 until 30.09.2021. The results of the evaluation process will be announced individually to applicants in the course of October 2021.

Moixent, Valencia, Spain. Photo by Saskia Keesstra, Wageningen University, The Nederlands

2021.07.19 | Publication

Roadmap for EJP SOIL

The Roadmap report for EJP SOIL is now published. It functions as an agenda for the activities of EJP SOIL and describes a vision for climate-smart and sustainable agricultural soil management.

Sustainable practices INIAV Olive grove with cover between lines. Photo by Maria Encarnação Marcelo

2021.07.19 | Publication

Synthesis of the impact of sustainable soil management practices in Europe

An EJP SOIL report provide systematic information from all countries in EJP SOIL on the biophysical and socio-economic impacts of sustainable agricultural soil management practices (SSP).

Soil cultivation in vegetable garden. Adobe stock.

2021.07.19 | Publication

Stocktaking on soil quality indicators and decision support tools

A report from EJP SOIL shows recent and current efforts in Europe to establish soil indicators for quantifying and valuating impacts of agricultural soil management practices on soil quality.

Bodenprofil_Weizen. Photo: Gabriela Brändle, Agroscope, Switzerland

2021.07.19 | Publication

Synthesis on estimates of achievable soil carbon sequestration on agricultural land

An EJP SOIL report identifies the available knowledge of achievable carbon sequestration in mineral soils and mitigation of greenhouse gases in organic soils in agricultural land across Europe.

Durum wheat at Foggia, in Southern Italy. Photo by Roberta Farina, CREA

2021.07.19 | Publication

Report on identified regional, national and European aspirations on soil services and soil functions

What are the current aspirational policy goals at both the regional, national and European scale when it comes to soil services and soil functions? Find out in a new report from EJP SOIL.

Photo by Prof. Dr. Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

2021.07.19 | Publication

Set of reports on State of knowledge in agricultural soil management

A new report addresses state-of-the-art knowledge about three major topics of soil research, namely soil carbon stocks, soil degradation and fertility, and strategies for improved soil management.

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