INIA´s agricultural experimental field station ‘La Canaleja’, Photo by José Luis Gabriel.

2020.08.13 |

EJP SOIL is an opportunity for Spain to strengthening research in agricultural soils

Identification of research gaps, support compilation of soil data, increased knowledge sharing and enhanced cooperation between soil scientists, advisors, farmers and policy makers. These are some of the Spanish anticipations of the activities in EJP SOIL.

2020.08.13 |

Connecting soil data and agricultural management policies

There is a need for compilation and translation of research into applicable and manageable recommendations for more sustainable use of soils, say members of the Swiss National Hub.

Wheat harvest at La Canaleja Field Station (INIA, Alcalá de Henares, Spain). The experiment consisted on the evaluation of different wheat varieties and crop managements for evaluation of better agricultural practices for nitrogen and water use efficiency under semiarid rain fed conditions on a long-term experiment included in EJP SOIL. Photo by: José Luis Gabriel

2020.08.13 | News from the management

The European challenge: Matching scientific knowledge with applicable sustainable management practices to achieve climate smart agriculture

The challenge for European policy makers is to develop efficient agricultural and environmental policies, encompassing soil management that effectively reduces climate impact in different geo-climatic regions, while at the same time bridging the needs and aspirations in food production.

2020.06.30 |

1st EJP SOIL internal Call for proposals

EJP SOIL opens for the first call for joint research projects. The allocated budget amounts to 15M€. This call opens 30.06.2020 with a closing date for proposals on 18.09.2020.

2020.05.12 |

Pre-Announcement of 1st EJP SOIL internal Call for proposals

EJP SOIL pre-announce the upcoming call for joint research projects. The indicative available budget amounts to 15M€. The call is expected to open on 30.06.2020 with a closing date for proposals on 04.09.2020.*

Setting the direction for the future of agricultural soils - Farmer, Mr. Zigmantas Aleksandravicius with Mr. Virginijus Feiza, PhD and Head of the Department Soil and Crop management, Institute of Agriculture, LAMMC - Investigations at farm field level in Lithuania 2012, Photo by Dr. Dalia Feiziene (LAMMC)

2020.05.07 |

Stakeholders in EJP SOIL: There is a need for knowledge and applicable tools

According to stakeholders who will take part in the EJP SOIL, there is a need for knowledge sharing and tools that can be applied in soil management, but also a better overall recognition of the challenges. This calls for a continuous dialogue and collaboration between farmers, soil scientists, advisors, organisations and authorities.

Photo by Henning C. Thomsen, Aarhus University

2020.05.07 |

EJP SOIL provides an opportunity for stakeholders to influence and contribute to solutions on soil management and climate change

EJP SOIL is not just another scientific project. EJP SOIL is a programme with the ambition to link knowledge development to knowledge application, and bring about new soil management solutions. This calls for the voice of and strong engagement from stakeholders related to soil management.

2020.03.20 |

Building a cross-European framework for climate-smart sustainable agricultural soil management systems

24 countries join forces in the European Joint Programme EJP SOIL. The overall objective is to provide sustainable agricultural soil management solutions that contribute to key societal challenges including climate change and future food supply.

2020.03.20 |

Successful Kick-Off: EJP SOIL is building on open dialogue and trust

The 26 EJP SOIL partner organisations have launched the unique European Joint Programme Cofund on Agricultural Soil Management. The cross-European partnership met to build a strong understanding of the programme functioning and of the required input for the next five years. High on the agenda was the prioritization of research topics and actions…

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