We are excited to announce the third edition of the EJP SOIL Annual Science Days and General Meeting event!

This year’s event will be taking place from 12 to 16 June in Riga, Latvia. The week’s event will look like this:

The face-to-face meeting is open to the EJP SOIL Consortium partners, Ethics Board, EC Steering Group-REA, Advisory Board, Chair of Strategic Committee.

We ensured a large number of available seats to allow for optimal physical attendance, but there is always a limit. We have availability for 300 attendees at the Annual Science Days and 150 attendees at the General Meeting. We work with a “first come, first served” principle so please register as soon as you can, and only for those parts of the programme you are indeed interested in and know you will be able to attend.


You can of course contact us and let us know should anything change regarding your availability to attend. Please contact to Sevinc Madenoglu, e-mail: ejpsoiltagem@gmail.com for any questions or changes in regards to registration.

If you have any general questions about the programme or its content, please contact louise.pauwels@ilvo.vlaanderen.be.  

The plenary parts of the ASD programme will be streamed online for a broader audience. The broadcasting links will be shared here well in advance of the event.

Submit an abstract for the Annual Science Days - Click here

Check out the General Meeting programme - Click image button below