EJP SOIL Conference – ALLOWS MORE SOIL RESEARCH - Lithuanian Academy of Science - December 2022

A day with soil research at ATK TAKI / EJP SOIL partner Hungary By Peter Laszlo, ATK TAKI

LAMMC -  EJP SOIL partner Long Term Experiment fields and Laboratories 

C dans l'sol - Comment stocker le carbone dans le sol? (in French)

Featuring Claire CHENU - EJP SOIL Coordinator, INRAE, France

Project videos

TRACE Soils objectives

TRACE Soils Communication

TRACE Soils Library


Improving the management of sediment connectivity in diverse agricultural landscapes.


Innovative Soil Practices Management across Europe


Sustainable Management of soil Organic Matter to Mitigate Trade-offs between C sequestration and nitrous oxide, methane and nitrate losses


CLIMAte change adaptation through SOil and crop MAnagement: synthesis and ways forward

Soil health & children

Raising awareness on soil with interactive soil programs for children

Citizen science program: „Life in Undies”

Art performance: "GROUNDING"

EJP SOIL Webinars

Webinar #1

This Webinar presents the results from a European survey on current soil science in Higher Education, and explore with the audience, what may be future expertise and capacity needed.   

Webinar# 3: Access to infrastructure_01 09 21

Mobility strengthens inter-institutional collaboration and promotes the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, thereby contributing to increased research creativity, efficacy, and performance. EJP SOIL aims to facilitate the access to agricultural soil research infrastructures, such as laboratories and long-term field experiments.  

3rd Internal Call Webinar - for the interested applicants organized 7 April 2022

Webinar # 5: Results from the EJP SOIL funded project SIREN

Webinar # 6: Research results from EJP SOIL projects CLIMASOMA and i-SoMPE

EJP SOIL PhD courses

EJP SOIL PhD course on Soil systems Introduction

Why study Soil Systems content of EJP SOIL PhD course?

Other SOIL videos

Keep soil alive, protect soil biodiversity

Soil Organic Carbon

Why is sustainable use of our soil so important?

The hidden world beneath our feet - Urban areas

The hidden world beneath our feet / Rural areas

The hidden world beneath our feet - Natural areas