Long-Term Field Experiments & Laboratories

Visiting scientists support – 2nd call CLOSED

Visiting Scientists support

Targeting partnerships and network within the EJP SOIL consortium to advance scientific joint work on climate-smart agricultural soils.   

Strengthening scientific capacities and cooperation across Europe by building human and institutional capacity in soil science education and training in short and medium term, including training of young soil scientists.


  • You must be employed at an EJP SOIL partner institution.
  • You must be a master students, PhD student, Post doc, senior researcher, or laboratory expert.
  • The host organization may be EJP SOIL partner institution or non-EJP SOIL partner institution located within the EU.

Access to the EJP SOIL infrastructure

Targeting researchers located at institutions outside the EJP SOIL consortium who intended to improve research  and enhance collaboration. 

Facilitate access to the European soil infrastructure. Enable visits to laboratories and/or Long Term Experiment field sites (LTEs). An opportunity to obtain additional analyses/samples and exchange expertise with researchers and technicians at one of our EJP SOIL host organization.


  • You have to be employed at an organization within the European Union (EU)
  • The host organization has to be in a member state of the EU (See participating organisations) 

A limited number of visits will be reserved for applicants from non-European countries, which will enable the dissemination of the EJP SOIL knowledge beyond EJP SOIL partner institutions.