Start:1 February 2021
Duration:40 PM
Aim: By using a surveying approach, i-SoMPE will aim to documents  innovative farming practice.

Project coordinator: Frederic Vanwindekens (f.vanwindekens@cra.wallonie.be)

Innovative soil management practices (SMP) and agricultural systems are promoted to enhance ecosystem services in order to minimise soil threats and sustain agriculture in a climate change context.

A comprehensive stocktake of SMPs and their ability to succeed on multiple goals, agricultural production, ecosystem services, biogeochemical cycles, is missing.

By using a surveying approach, i-SoMPE will aim to documents these innovative farming practice. The data gathered will be synthesized considering technical and ecological constrains and socio-economic barriers.

Context specific thematic maps will be provided to guide policy makers to the most efficient innovative SMPs as climate-smart sustainable tools.

Project leader and partners

Call text: FS2/MT4




Innovative soil management practices in Europe and their suitability for European farming systems

Innovative farming practices are being developed, and a high variability of the soil management practices developed and implemented is expected across Europe. 

This stocktake will first identify innovative soil management practices and technologies in Europe developed by farmers, industry and research. Second, the study will evaluate the applicability and suitability of these and more well-known soil management practices and technologies for different pedo-climatic zones and farming systems in Europe.

Project type: Stocktake / 40 PM / collecting information from multiple countries.