Soil research

The main aim of the EJP is to construct a sustainable framework for an integrated community of research groups working on related aspects of agricultural soil management. To fill the identified knowledge gaps EJP SOIL fosters research projects and synthesis through the organization of internal and external calls.  

EJP SOIL works on important societal issues in an integrated manner. Any developed innovation within the framework of EJP SOIL will meet a societal need and will therefore be relevant for European and global markets.

Through its knowledge framework, EJP SOIL improves its innovation capacity using 1) knowledge development, 2) knowledge sharing & transfer, 3) knowledge organization & storage for 4) knowledge application in different areas.  

Intenal calls & projects

Internal calls are open to EJP partners and linked third parties and address research and development gaps identified by the consortium's work packages.

The EJP SOIL aims at launching three competitive internal calls.

External calls & projects

External calls are open to research actors outside of the EJP SOIL consortium, widening participation and enhancing the impact of the EJP’s activities. 

The EJP SOIL aims to launch two external calls.

First internal call projects