EJP SOIL Capacity building

Capacity building

Education, training and capacity building

The programme seeks to strengthen the education and capacity building in Europe, through upgraded and aligned higher education related to on climate-smart agricultural soil management. 

The objective to improve training of emerging and established scientists working on agricultural soils across Europe and provide early career paths for scientists. This will be done performing synthesis on current available European soil science higher education.

Furthemore, this will be done by a foresight study for soil science professional needs - delivering a PhD/MSc course program - providing support for staff exchange /visiting scientist.

The aim is to contribute to capacity building of a larger audience (e.g. farmers advisors), by organizing courses on new tools for soil management (including open geodatabases)  and providing educational material through the EJP SOIL Website.

All activities, progress and achievements will be announced and addressed here with further information and link.