Topic ID CA1

Evaluating soil management options for the specific objective of Climate change adaptation


Although the role of sustainably managed soils and of organic matter rich soils is often forwarded as a way to help agroecosystems to adapt to climate change, not much quantitative and context-specific information is available and synthesised.


The objective is to synthesize the available knowledge linking soil management, plant rooting patterns, soil structure and soil organic matter to crop water supply through effects on soil water (water harvesting, infiltration, retention, evaporation). The benefits of soil carbon for adaptation to climate change will be reviewed as well as the effects of soil organic matter on soil structure and water-related properties that bring better resistance and resilience to modified climate. The synthesis will allow identifying needs for new knowledge.

Output/Expected impact

Quantitative, context specific information on how soil management options help agroecosystems to adapt to climate change and identified research needs.

Project type: 1 Synthesis (20PM).

Available funding: 230 k€