Internal & External Projects

Internal Call projects

AGROECOseqC - AGROECOlogical strategies for an efficient functioning of plant - soil biota interactions to increase SOC sequestration

CarboSeq - Soil organic carbon sequestration potential of agricultural soils in Europe

EnergyLink - Linking crop diversification to microbial energy allocation and organic carbon storage
in soils

EOM4SOIL - External organic matters for climate mitigation and soil health 

INSURE - Wet management of cultivated peatlands a sustainable land use option for peat soils

MINOTAUR - Modeling and mapping soil biodiversity patterns and functions across Europe

MIXROOT-C - Optimizing C inputs through diversification

MaxRoot - C - Optimizing C inputs in annual cropping systems

ProbeField - A novel protocol for in-field monitoring of soil carbon stock, based on proximal sensors and soil spectral libraries

Road4Schemes - Roadmap for carbon farming schemes

SCALE - Managing Sediment Connectivity in Agricultural Landscapes for reducing water Erosion impacts

SensRes -  Sensor data for downscaling digital soil maps to higher resolutions 

SERENA - Soil Ecosystem seRvices and soil threats modElling aNd mApping

SoilCompaC - Mapping and alleviating soil compaction in a climate change context 

SOMMIT - Sustainable Management of soil Organic Matter to Mitigate Trade-offs between C sequestration and nitrous oxide, methane and nitrate losses

TRACE-Soils - Trade-offs between soil carbon sequestration, greenhousegas emissions and nutrient losses in agricultural soils across Europe: mechanisms and management options

STEROPES - Stimulating novel Technologies from Earth Remote Observation to Predict European Soil carbon

SIMPLE - Scenario modelling for assessing impacts of policy changes and socio-economic effects on ecosystem services of soils

Into-DIALOGUE - More than a Dialogue between actors, seeking the integration of soil-based principles in agroecological systems

BioCASH - Bio-economy and Circular Agriculture for Soil Health

PRAC2LIV - Fostering soil management PRACtices and uptake and developing decision support TOols through LIVing labs in EU

SoilX - Soil management to mitigate climate change-related precipitation eXtremes

ARTEMIS - Agro-ecological strategies for promoting climate change Mitigation and Adaptation by enhancing soil ecosystem services and sustainable crop production

CLIMASOMA - CLIMAte change adaptation through SOil and crop MAnagement: synthesis and ways forward

iSoMPE - Innovative Soil Management Practices across Europe

SIREN - Stocktaking for Agricultural Soil Quality and Ecosystem Services Indicators and their Reference Values

External Call projects

SOMPACS - Soil management effects on soil organic matter properties and carbon sequestration

SoilSalAdapt - Preadapting soil biology for increased tolerance to elevated salinities due to climate change

FREACS - Soil management effects on soil organic matter properties and carbon sequestration

TRUESOIL - True SOC sequestration: understanding trade-offs and dynamic interactions between SOC stocks and GHG emissions for climate-smart agri-soil management

SIC-SOC-DYN - Organic and inorganic carbon dynamics in calcareous soils

WISH-ROOTS - Tuning the wheat root microbiome to improve soil health and optimize rhizosphere nitrogen cycling and availability

ICONICA - Impact of long-term phosphorus additions on Carbon sequestration and Nitrogen Cycling in Agricultural soils

CropGas - The effect of conservation agriculture interventions on greenhouse gas emissions

SoilSynbiotics - Development of Synbiotics for enhancing the soil microbiome

SOIL-HEAL - Symbiotic Solutions for Healthy Agricultural Landscapes

ClimateCropping - Climate Smart Management for Resilient European Cropping Systems

SOIL-ES - Soil ecosystem services under sustainable intensification of agriculture: looking for innovative mapping and monitoring at multiple scales.

TilSoilC - The effects of tillage practice on soil carbon sequestration mechanisms.

SANCHOSTHIRST - Cover cropS (CC) ANd soil health and climAte CHaNge adaptatiOn in Semiarid woody crops. THe RemOte SensIng and furTHer scenaRIoS projecTions.

CarboGrass - Impact of grassland management on soil carbon storage.

C-arouNd - Refining Soil Conservation and Regenerative Practices to Enhance Carbon Sequestration and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

FAMOSOS - FArm MOnitoring via Real-time SOil Sensing.

AGROCOMPOSIT - Biochar-compost composites for supporting site-specific soil agro-ecosystem functions and climate change mitigation.