Webinar recordings

Here you can find webinar recordings releted to EJP SOIL research.
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EUFRAS & EJP SOIL WEBINAR on Tools for Advisors

The Science to Policy Team collaborated with EUFRAS to bring results from the EJP SOIL Programme to advisors across Europe in this webinar. 

The webinar aims to promote the outputs from EJP SOIL project among advisors and provide valuable insights into sustainable soil management practices.

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EJP SOIL WEBINAR on Visiting Scientists Support & Access to Infrastructure

The webinar provides information about potential activities, education and capacity building for visiting scientists, as weill as facilitating access to research infrastructure.

Webinar Agenda:

Welcome & Introduction; Katharina Meurer
1. Call "Visiting Scientist" (T5.4); Bozena Smreczak
2. Call "Access to Infrastructure" (T7.4); Katharina Meurer
3. Application procedure; Katharina Meurer
4. Organisational framework & Subcontracting; Andreas Baumgarten

EJP SOIL WEBINAR on Remote soil sensing

What is digital soil mapping? What are the contributions of remote sensing to the mapping of soils? Challenges & limitations?

The webinar provides a basic overview of the most common types of data and approaches, focusing a bit more on satellite remote sensing in the optical range; describing the methodologies and providing examples of applications.

The Soil Sensing webinars 1 & 2 are intended for all soil researchers that are interested in soil sensing, but have no or little experience of the techniques and wants to learn more.

EJP SOIL WEBINAR on Proximal soil sensing

What is proximal sensing, what sensors are used and what soil properties can be measured? What are the strengths and weaknesses with proximal soil sensing?

The webinar will provide a basic overview of the most common type of sensors and approaches, focusing a bit more on electrical conductivity, gamma ray and visible and infrared spectroscopy, describing the methodologies and providing examples of applications.

Webinar # 8: SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS & DATA – Procedures for Open Access, Storage & Reporting

Procedures for Open Access, Storage & Reporting. Scientific Publications are important indicators of progress of the EJP SOIL programme.
Guide to understanding data/metadata/datasets expectations and open access publications. Keep the powerpoint pdf close for referal, when in doubts.

Webinar # 6: Research results from EJP SOIL projects CLIMASOMA and i-SoMPE

Webinar # 5: Results from the EJP SOIL funded project SIREN

Webinar #4: 3rd Internal Call Webinar - for the interested applicants organized 7 April 2022

Webinar# 3: Access to infrastructure_01 09 21

Mobility strengthens inter-institutional collaboration and promotes the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, thereby contributing to increased research creativity, efficacy, and performance. EJP SOIL aims to facilitate the access to agricultural soil research infrastructures, such as laboratories and long-term field experiments.  

Webinar #1

This Webinar presents the results from a European survey on current soil science in Higher Education, and explore with the audience, what may be future expertise and capacity needed.