EJP SOIL National Hubs & Key national stakeholders

An instrument for stakeholders consultation & science to policy interface

National hub members represent the breath of national agricultural systems and soil management practices. National hub members are invited to attend meetings, events and workshops where they voice regional and national needs and express their countries’ position towards agricultural soil management, share and exchange knowledge, and thereby contribute to and learn from the EJP SOIL programme’s outputs.

The figures illustrates the distinguishement between the overall identified EJP SOIL key national stakeholders and the National Hub members. Key national stakeholders are encouraged and welcome to attend EJP SOIL open events and workshops, while National Hub members are expected to attend events and workshops that they invited to.

The role of National Hubs in EJP SOIL

  • Provide input & feedback to the EJP SOIL programme.

  • Voice national position & needs

  • Contribute to and learn from the work done in research.

  • Contribute to dissemination of EJP SOIL outputs

Soil “needs” are stakeholder and region specific

Soil stakeholder engagement is therefore crucial:

  • For sustainable soil management implementation

  • For policy development

    • Inform on soil challenges and policy needs

    • Debate policy proposals and implementation

    • Feedback on how proposed policies may impact stakeholders