Third Internal Call

This call open from 01.04.2022 with a closing date for proposals on 15.06.2022

The European Joint Programme “EJP SOIL - Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils” comprise 24 countries committed to the overall goal of providing sustainable agricultural soil management solutions that contribute to key societal challenges including climate change and future food supply.

Rationale & Aim of the call

As EJP SOIL works on important societal issues in an integrated manner, any innovation developed within the framework of EJP SOIL will meet a societal need and will therefore be relevant for European and global markets. Through its knowledge framework the EJP SOIL supports knowledge development through a large number of specific research and innovation projects via internal (i.e. WP3 “Internal Calls”) and external EJP SOIL calls. The overall objective of this 3rd internal call is to fund research projects open to EJP SOIL beneficiaries and linked third parties to fill research and development gaps identified by the “Roadmap for the European Joint Program SOIL” and the annual work program of the EJP SOIL for year three.

Scope and expected impacts and outputs of EJP SOIL

The EJP SOIL contributes to long-term alignment of research strategies in two main ways: i) by developing a shared vision, and ii) by establishing platforms for networks of soil scientists and other soil stakeholders in Europe. The shared vision will be developed among consortium beneficiaries and will address desirable soil properties and ways to attain them. This process was initiated during the preparation of the proposal and continues with the update of a roadmap for soil research, setting objectives, actions and milestones in the annual programs. Internal calls will foster alignment between the EJP SOIL beneficiaries, linked third parties and important players of European research in the areas of agricultural sciences, ecology, soil and climate sciences. To facilitate relevant knowledge development the EJP SOIL will perform research projects:

Research projects will answer a research question or a set of research questions. A Research Project must include a description of a defined protocol, clearly articulated goal(s), defined methods and outputs, and a defined start and end date.

Evaluated and selected research projects of 3rd internal EJP SOIL call will get funded after validation by the Board of Project Managers; for more details see full call document.

Read more detailed information in the document 'Call text of the EJP SOIL 3rd Internal Call'.  

For partnering the EJP SOIL WP3 team will launch Slack Channels (i.e. topic-specific chat rooms at

Access for partnering tool will be granted after sending an e-mail to the Call Office (

Webinar for the interested applicants organized 7 April 2022 - Watch it here:


The Internal Call will follow a 1-step-procedure. There will be a competitive selection. A time schedule is provided below:


Project calendar


Call pre-announcement


28 March 2022

Launch of the call


1 April 2022

Webinar for interested applicants


7 April 2022

Workshops for interested applicants


April 2022

Closing date for proposal submission


15 June 2022

Proposal evaluation and selection


June - September 2022

Notification letters sent to project coordinators


October 2022

Grant preparation


October 2022

Start of research projects


November 2022

End of research projects


October 2024

Partnering tool

For partnering the EJP SOIL WP3 team will launch Slack Channels (i.e. topic-specific chat rooms at Access will be granted after sending an e-mail to the Call Office ( After access has been granted, applicants express their interest to participate and/or coordinate in one or more topic-specific Slack Channels (i.e. a type of chat room). For each topic listed in Table 1 and Annex 2 the partnering tool offers a “chat room” (i.e. “CA2”, “SE6”) and an embedded XLS file used to summarize the information: Who am I? Where do I work? What is my expertise? What is my interest => participation/coordination? Finally, applicants should add their name and interest to participate and/or coordinate into the XLS file.

Call Office contacts

NAME:                   Johanna Leppälä                       Marja Kujala

Organisation:          LUKE                                          LUKE

Phone:                    +358 29 5322 559                       +358 29 5326 280



NAME:                   Rosemarie Stangl                      Anna Briefer

Organisation:          BIOS/BOKU                                BIOS/BOKU

Phone:                    +43 1 47854 87401                     +43 1 47654 87400


Call topics

Project consortia should apply to one of the following EJP SOIL topics:

Table 1: Targeted EJP SOIL topics of the 3rd internal call; project size, number of projects that can be granted and available funding are also provided. For detailed description see Annex 2 of this document. Project size is explained in detail in section 4.3.



Number of projects

Maximum available funding per project


Identifying adaptation options, related to agricultural soil management, to respond to water-related impacts of extreme weather and climate change




Mitigate and adapt to salinization and restore saline soils: understanding the processes and improving cropping systems under current and future climate




Soil futures: scenario modelling for assessing the potential of climate-smart sustainable soil management to provide multiple ecosystem services




Soil specific guidelines and decision support tools with focus on soil organic matter, water retention and nutrient use efficiency




Healthy and safe soils in the agro-ecological transitions towards a circular bioeconomy




Contribution of soils to climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable agricultural production and environment in agroecological systems


1.75 M€


Fostering the adoption of agroecological systems for climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable agricultural production


1.75 M€

EJP SOIL topic ID: CA Climate change adaptation; SE Sustainable Environment; SP Sustainable Production; AD Adoption of sustainable soil management; POL Science policy interface.

For further details and information about all call topics, click here.

EJP SOIL beneficiaries and their linked third parties, click here.

Key information about the EJP SOIL programme

Number of countries: 24

Number of participating organisations:  26

Total budget:  80M


The EJP SOIL programme has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 862695