Start: 1 November 2022
Duration: 24 Months
Aim: Agro-ecological strategies for promoting climate change Mitigation and Adaptation by enhancing soil ecosystem services and sustainable crop production
Keywords: Agro-ecology, climate change mitigation and adaptation, soil ecosystem service indicators, soil functioning, long-term field experiments, statistical analysis, climate scenario modelling, meta-analysis, lighthouse farms, soil-management practices, conservation agriculture, organic farming, soil organic carbon sequestration, soil water storage
Contact: Coordinator: Klaus Jarosch (AGROSCOPE) (
Co-coordinator: Claudia Di Bene (CREA)

Soils provide a multitude of ecosystem services that can contribute both, to the mitigation as well as adaptation to climatic change.

Land management practices have a large effect on the ability of soils to provide these services. The project will provide a better understanding on how specific agro-ecological practices affect soil ecosystem service indicators and how these indicators can be assessed in the field.

This will be achieved by the evaluation of regionally representative field experiments using numerical modelling, a literature survey as well as in direct exchange with practitioners.