Start: 1 November 2022
Duration: 24 months
Aim: More than a Dialogue between actors, seeking the integration of soil-based principles in agroecological systems
Keywords: Soil-based agroecological systems, Farmer ecological identity, Farmer behaviour, agri-environmental policy, agri-environmental measures

Project leader: Sabina Asins-Velis (CSIC) (
Project co-leader: Akin √ún (TAGEM)
Project Communication Representatives: Giovanni Dara Guccione and
Mario Cariello (CREA)
Ethic adviser: Monika Vikiene (LAMMC)

Into-DIALOGUE hypothesizes that the adoption of Sustainable Agroecological Systems as a whole is difficult to be achieved in European and Turkish agricultural landscapes in the short term, given the complexity of holistically adopting their assumptions.

Into-DIALOGUE will provide an integrative multi-actor approach for the integration of soil-based systems, the ecological identity of farmers, the design of political measures, and the possibilities of collaboration offered by citizen participation to facilitate the transition.