Topic ID: ES7

Enabling conditions to implement improved management options and tools to monitor soil quality: Analysis on how soil indicators could be used to support CAP measures


Results-based farmer payment may be introduced in the post 2020 CAP regarding soils, as they already have been introduced for biodiversity. At this stage, two soil related results indicators have been identified: soil organic carbon stocks, and an indicator on improving soils, which is not yet defined. Results-based payments schemes represent a radical shift in approach for farmers as well as for managing authorities and payment agencies. Operationalizing for soil result-based payments raises a number of questions.


The study will analyse how results-based payments schemes may be developed. It will consider different issues regarding criteria for indicators selection, the baseline, the additionality, the control and verification of results, the training and expertise required, the accounting of previous work of pioneers, the design of the reward, the costs incurred with implementing such a scheme and cost-effectiveness of the scheme.

Output/Expected impact

An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a results-based payment approach for soils, proposals for appropriate schemes and identification of research needs.

Project type: Small research project /100PM

Available funding: 1.15 M€ 

Relation to EJP SOIL objectives and tasks

This topic relates to topic ES1/ES2.