Topic ID: SR5

Landscape analyses: Erosion processes


Erosion processes (detachment, transport, and deposition) result in the loss of soil and SOM due to water and wind erosion in agricultural fields. Where does it occur? How can it be assessed? What is the impact and how can it be prevented? Viewing this at the landscape scale is essential to answering these questions and can aid the development of climate-smart sustainable management strategies and interventions that will increase in carbon storage within the landscape without incurring degradation elsewhere.


The project should consider the ‘connectivity’ principles to identify key linkages at a range of scales across the landscapes that soil loss and the associated impact on C cycling, biodiversity and resilience. Projects should focus on different environmental zones and soil types.

Output/Expected impact

An analysis of erosion processes and associated impacts at the landscape scale.

Project type: Medium size research project / 150 PM

Available funding: 1.73 M€ 

Relation to EJP SOIL objectives and tasks

An ongoing COST Action has or is currently reviewing the current knowledge, models used and research needs in a large number of European countries.