Content Upload requirement guideline

Submitting social media and websiste content

  • Subject line of the email MUST BEGIN WITH “EJP SOIL SoMe”
  • Include relevant files: pdfs, Images (minimum size 300px), videos (mp4)- USE WETRANSFER to send files!!  See table below for more specific guidelilnes.
  • Email should include:
    • A few sentences for context so that we understand what the post is about
    • Any relevant links that should be included in the post (e.g. for extra information, for registration to an event, recording, webinar link)
    • An introduction text to accompany the post of  2 or 3 sentences
  • For events that will require multiple posts eg. Webinars or courses please provide a suggestion for the time frame in which these posts should be made e.g. over a three week period, over a week
  • Emails should be submitted by no later than the Thursday of the week before information is to be posted

Content or requests for posts should be submitted by email to Line Carlenius Berggreen with Avion Phillips  in CC

Web content specifications

* You can use PhotoShop or Picresize to custom size