CALL FOR PAPERS: EJP SOIL Special Issue Climate smart sustainable agricultural soil management for the future II

We invite original research articles, reviews, short communications, opinion papers, method papers and data articles that collate, summarize and set future potential research priorities for carbon sequestration and soil health across Europe.

The goal of this Special Issue is to bring together the current state-of-the-art knowledge and existing knowledge gaps, and to stimulate discussion on climate-smart soil management practices. Within the remit of EJP SOIL and this special issue, we are soliciting papers that comprehensively summarize and synthesize the cutting-edge science on sustainable climate-smart soil management in agroecosystems, advancing one or more of the following impact areas:

  1. Fostering understanding of soil management and its influence on climate mitigation and adaptation, sustainable agricultural production and environment

  2. Understanding how soil carbon sequestration can contribute to climate change mitigation

  3. Strengthening scientific capacities and cooperation

  4. Supporting harmonized European soil information including for international reporting

  5. Fostering the uptake of climate-smart sustainable soil management

  6. Develop region and context specific fertilization practices

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