EJP SOIL positions

Post-doctoral position at Institut Agro (Rennes, France)

Evolution of soil-based ecosystem services in response to changes in climate, land use and land management

Duration: 23 months

Starting: At the earliest convenience and before October 2022

Location: Rennes, France

Employer: Institut Agro Rennes-Angers

Main contacts:

Christian Walter, Christian.walter@agrocampus-ouest.frUMR SAS: https://www6.rennes.inrae.fr/umrsas_eng/

David  Montagne, david.montagne@agroparistech.frUMR Ecosys: https://www6.versailles-grignon.inrae.fr/ecosys_eng/

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Application deadline: before May 31, 2022

Licentiate student in Soil Nutrient Cycling focusing on organic matter dynamics

The Department of Soil & Environment conducts research, environmental monitoring & assessment and higher education for
sustainable soil management in agriculture, forestry and urban environments. Outcomes are aligned to and contribute towards
national and international strategies on food security, national environmental objectives and climate reporting as well as the
2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The majority of the department’s activities and employees are located in the Soil-
Water-Environment building on the SLU Ultuna campus in Uppsala, and there is a research group and a field research station
situated in Skara.

EJP SOIL EnergyLink

We are seeking a licentiate candidate for a research project evaluating whether aboveground plant trait diversity affects the metabolic
response of soil microorganisms to carbon inputs. The licentiate project is part of a larger collaborative project (EJP SOIL – EnergyLink https://ejpsoil.eu/soil-research/energylink) that is based on the premise that aboveground plant trait diversity can be exploited to manage
persistence of soil organic carbon. The licentiate student will specifically study the potential ‘return on investment’ that soil microbial
communities can obtain from the consumption of plant-derived organic matter using a novel bioenergetics approach developed in the
Department of Soil & Environment.

The metabolic response of soil microorganisms will be evaluated by using inter alia high resolution techniques, the molecular diversity
and the energetic content of soluble organic matter (i.e. the most available organic material to microbial degraders). The licentiate
candidate will join a dynamic and internationally recognized team working at the biogeochemical interface of soil organic matter
dynamics. We are looking for an inquisitive person who is keen to participate in a research program that aims to improve our
fundamental understanding of how plant trait diversity affects energy flows in soil and to improve management practices for enhanced
carbon sequestration in soil.

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Application deadline: 30 April 2022