Annual Science Days 2023

June 12th from 12:00 pm to June 14th 1:00 pm - 2023 (Time zone: UTC +3)

Venue: University of Latvia campus in Riga

The face-to-face meeting is not meant for external attendance open only to the EJP SOIL Consortium partners, Ethics Board, EC Steering Group-REA, Advisory Board, Chair of Strategic Committee, and anyone invited by coordination or the University of Latvia.

The EJP SOIL Annual Science Days (ASD) will be broadcast for the online audience to follow. For the Annual Science Days, please find the links for Monday (day 1) and Wednesday (day 3) below. The Tuesday programme consists exclusively of breakout sessions, so will not be broadcast.

Links to Annual Science Days - day 1 and 3:

Join the ASD day 1 broadcast (12/6 at 13h00 UTC +3):

Join the ASD day 3 broadcast (14/6 at 9h00 UTC +3)

Scope of the Annual Science Days: knowledge exchange within and outside of the EJP SOIL consortium

Link to description of breakout sessions below programme tables - Timings are provisional subject to change: