PHD Course: Merging measurements and modelling in soil physics

Merging measurements and modelling in soil physics.

Aarhus University, Denmark, May 2023 (5 ECTS)

Objectives of the course:

This course will present accepted and emerging concepts of key processes of water flow in unsaturated porous media. These concepts will be presented together with standard and novel methods to make the measurements necessary to describe these processes. The focus of the course is the need for a unified treatment of measurement and modelling in quantitative soil physics. Specifically, we will discuss how advancements in our understanding of soil physics should guide the design of measurement and monitoring efforts. Similarly, we will discuss how the interpretation of measurements made with emerging indirect methods should be made in the context of the soil physical model of interest.

Teaching Materials:


Hands-on course, no traditional lectures (or PowerPoint slides) were used during this course.

Exercises and Assignments:

Electromagnetic induction, gamma ray sensing and peat thickness mapping

Electromagnetic induction, Gamma radiometric and peat thickness

Transport Processes