Soil Management for Sustaibable Agriculture - Summer School - Palermo

Summer school on “Soil Management for Sustainable Agriculture” was organized by Carmelo Dazzi and Giuseppe Lo Papa from the University of Palermo (Italy), as part of the WP5 activity of the EJP-SOIL program, from 24th October 2022 to 28th October 2022.

The aims of the course were:

  • Introduce the importance of soils for the environmental quality.

  • Present generally accepted and scientifically proven principles to promote sustainable soil management.

  • Provide technical guidelines to address soil threaths that hamper sustainable soil management.

The summer school (in total 36 hours of lectures) was attended by 14 PhD students (5 male and 9 female) from Lithuania, Poland, Germany, and Italy (fig. 1). The course was introduced by Carmelo Dazzi while the lectures have been held by 14 top level researchers (11 male and 3 female). In the first day, two introductive lectures have been held respectively by Rainer Baritz (DE) and Edoardo Costantini (IT). After these, Rosario Napoli (IT) and Giuseppe Lo Papa (IT), illustrated respectively the general scheme of the Soil Taxonomy and of the World Reference Base.

In the following days the main soil threats and the respective strategies to contrast/minimize/avoid each of these (erosion; organic matter content; nutrient balance; salinization and alkalization; contamination; acidification; biodiversity; sealing; compaction; water management), have been illustrated respectively by Elmar Schmaltz (AU), Bozena Smreczak (PL), David Wall (IE), Nadia Castanheira (PT), Luboš Borůvka (Czech Republic), Tommaso Chiti (IT), Stefano Mocali (IT), Costanza Calzolari (IT), Pietro Catania (IT) and Marcello Mastrorilli (IT).