Soil health & children

Raising awareness on soil with interactive soil programs for children

We participated with interactive soil programs for chidren on Freedom of Island. Getting to know soils (especially for children, but for all ages) through physical contact, interactivity, and games results in a deeper understanding and knowledge than an academic presentation. Many years of experience prove that interactivity related to the role of soils in the existence of humanity, its physical, chemical and biological properties, as well as its protection, arouses elementary interest in people, which is of particular importance in environmental education.

Citizen science program: „Life in Undies”

This is the name of the citizen science program dealing with soils, which was launched by the Institute for Soil Sciences last year.

Art performance: "GROUNDING"

Researchers, creators, performance and visual artists for soils. This was the theme of the lecture evening entitled "GROUNDING" held in downtown Budapest, which was the introductory performance of a science-art collective, Soil Society SciArt. The main goal of the Soil Society is to learn from the soil and to research and map the relationship between the soil and people through the joint work of artists and natural and social scientists working in various art sectors.