Workshop Carbon Farming

EJP SOIL WP8 Science to Policy facilitated an EU level workshop titled “Carbon Farming: From scientific knowledge to policymaking and business models”. The objective of this workshop was to bring together different perspectives and experiences on carbon farming and focus on the scientific requirements and information underpinning carbon farming schemes and economic business models.

Click on any of the links below to access the video recording of that presentation:

Session 1 -  A range of perspectives on carbon farming

The Capacity of soils to store carbon - EJP SOIL Project CARBOSEQ - Felix Sidel

How does carbon famring fit into the current political agenda around climate and agriculture? - DG Climate & DG Agriculture and Rural Development - Valeria Forlin, Nicola Di Vergilio, Leonard-Mattaihas Mayer

Carbon Farming: Financing the transition - Rabobank - Jeroen Hakaart

How is carbon farming perceived by farmers? - Confagricultura - Anna Trettenero

Reduction of GHGs in different agricultural systems of Emilia-Romagna region - Regional Government for Emilia-Romagna region - Chiara Ferronato