Workshop - Rewetting Peat Soils

Rewetting Peat Soils 

EJP Soil Regional Forum on “Peatland rewetting in agriculture – why and how?” gathered policy makers at EU and national levels, Farmer representatives, NGOs, and researchers from 12 European Countries with significant areas of organic soils.

Regional Workshop - Interactive workshop linking scientists to policy stakeholders. Improving the understanding of controls of element cycling in rewetted ecosystems and to find robust indicators for the trade-offs of wet management.

Session 2 - Country perspectives:

Nine representatives made short presentations in the second session of the workshop, on the status of rewetting peat soils in each of their countires, answering the following questions:

  • What is the current status of rewetting peatlands in your country as it pertains to climate change or biodiversity?
  • What are the country targets that have been / will be set?
  • What supports or incentives are in place to help the achievement of these targets?
  • Is there any other relevant information on this topic specific to your country?

Click your way to the PDF versions of the presentations made by the following countries:

Peatland rewetting in agriculture

Perspectives of Sweden

Rewetting of peatlands to mitigate GHG emissions

- Perspective of Lithuania

Peatland rewetting in agriculture - why and how?

- Perspective of Switzerland

Rewetting peat soils - why and how?

- Perspective of Ireland

Introduction to Peatland policy in The Netherlands

Rewetting peat soils - why and how?

- Perspective of Norway

Political Framework and Activities for Peat Soil Protection in Germany