Farmers & Advisors

EJP SOIL aims at enabling farmers to implement adequate options and develop ICT tools for better management and protection of soil.  

Organisations of farmers and advisory services represent the breadth of agricultural systems and soil management practices.

Key outputs for soil management:

  • New information and communication technology (ICT) tools and improved existing tools, based on farmers’ needs, that will help farmers to protect and manage soils
  • Climate smart sustainable agricultural soil management guidelines for practitioners
  • Identification and analysis of barriers for the implementation of novel technologies for climate smart sustainable agricultural soil management and of the ways to overcome them
  • Assessment of innovative agricultural practices in their capacity to reach multiple soil related objectives (production, biodiversity, environmental effects, climate change adaptation and mitigation)  

Farmers and advisors are engaged and involved in EJP SOIL be means of:

National EJP SOIL workshops & Field days

Industry Exhibitions such as Paris International Agricultural Show -  27 February - 7 March 2021

Farmers and advisors are invited to have close contact with the National Communication Representative as well as the appointed Project Communication representative for national funded EJP SOIL projects.

Read more in the EJP SOIL May 2020 Newsletter:

A farmers perspective on sustainable soil management and reasons for engagement in the EJP SOIL Programme. 

According to stakeholders who will take part in the EJP SOIL, there is a need for knowledge sharing and tools that can be applied in soil management, but also a better overall recognition of the challenges. This calls for a continuous dialogue and collaboration between farmers, soil scientists, advisors, organisations and authorities.