Industry & Agro-business

Documented research is essential for sustainable agricultural industry  

Industry and Agro-business stakeholders participate representing the breadth of the industry and Agro-business perspectives of agricultural systems and soil management practices.

Key outputs for soil management industry:

  • Analyses on how to better integrate agricultural soil management in the European circular economy and bioeconomy.
  • Evaluation of technologies for processing crop residues for sustainable production, soil quality and biodiversity, climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • New information and communication technology (ICT) tools and improved existing tools for agricultural soil management.

Read more in the EJP SOIL November 2020 Newsletter:

The Agro-Industry's perspective on sustainable soil management and reasons for engagement in the EJP SOIL Programme. 

Healthy soils and secure future food production depend on long-term investment in soils. There is a need for a fundamental change of mind-set and behaviour including support to farmers who commit themselves to lifetime investment in sustainable soil management. Investing in intelligent precision farming technology is part of the solution.  

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