Annual Science Days - List of all Posters

EJP SOIL Annual Science Days - ALL abstracts - click here for PDF file

EJP SOIL Annual Science Days - List of Posters:

  1. Cover Crops Affecting Pool Specific SOC Sequestration in European Cropland – A Meta-Analysis; Fohrafellner, Julia
  2. CAPTURE- Assessment of cover cropping as climate action in cereal production in Norway; Bárcena
  3. Evaluation of effective organic carbon values used in Flanders – Belgium; Ruysschaert, Greet
  4. Estimation of soil organic carbon stock and sequestration potential in Estonian agricultural land; Putku
  5. Introducing Quality Criteria for Meta-analysis in Agriculture Reveal Room for Improvement of Soil Organic Carbon Research; Fohrafellner, Julia
  6. Arable interventions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions; Cardenas
  7. The effects of agriculture in the soil priming effect: a continental study; Siles
  8. Soil microbial biomass across land uses and climates in Europe: elucidating its driving factors; Siles, J.A. (presented by Felipe Bastida)
  9. Heavy metal accumulation and ecological risk assessment in acid soil-energy crops systems with different sewage sludge contamination levels; Mockeviciene, I.
  10. Scale effects on soil-based ecosystem services levels and patterns: a case study in a 100 km2 region (France); Scammaca, O.
  11. The data behind soil threats and soil ecosystem services: Italian state of the art; Lorenzetti
  12. A land use gradient on a regional scale: a training ground for strengthening the applicability and identification of soil biodiversity indicators; Lumini, E.
  13. Distribution of soil macro, meso and microfauna and their driving factors in agricultural ecosystems across Europe; Peres, G.
  14. The effect of two different rotation systems on soil organic matter in organic forage cultivation; Erdai, U. and Celen, A.E.
  15. How much do uncertainty and information asymmetry matter? The case of soil carbon storage practices in the agricultural sector; Giraldo, A.
  16. Effects of cover crops on organic matter and soil health of soils under different management systems in orchards; Demir, Z.
  17. Determination of CO2 Emissions after Tillage in Different Tillage Methods; Topdemir, T.
  18.  (not confirmed) Communication soil issues based on example EJP SOIL project in Poland; Kowalik, Monika
  19. Compost application increases soil organic carbon and influences nitrous oxide emissions in an Austrian field experiment; Spiegel, Heide