Online application form

Oline application form

Part 1
Visit contributed to:
For visits to EJP SOIL Infrastructure, please indicate:
Contribution to EJP SOIL Expected impacts (Please markt the correct answer)
Planned output/outcome useful for EJP SOIL (Please mark correct answer)
Information about the host organisation
Invitation letter must contain the following:
- the name and surname of the applicant,
- the name of her/his home institution,
- the name of the host institution,
- the aim and the scope of the visit,
- the duration of the visit,
- the name, surname and signature of the host contact person
Part 2 Cost details (EUR)
Location, Date, Consent & Submit
NOTE: Co-financing rate of 44% would apply to internal scientist exchange (5.4) and external visitor (7.4) activities destined for EJP SOIL partners while 100% co-financing is designated Access to EJP SOIL Infrastructure for external visitors.