How to proceed


Applicants must complete the application form (download application forms for either T 5.4 or T7.4) accompanied by:

  • the consent to participate in the EJP SOIL programme
  • name and surname of the applicant
  • position
  • home institution address
  • curriculum vitae
  • short description of the scientific background (max. 100 words)
  • listed up to 5 main publications no older than 10 years (this requirement does not apply to young researchers at the beginning of their research careers and non-research technical laboratory staff)
  • description of the purpose and rationale of the visit in the host institution or participation in the workshops and scientific conferences and their complementarity with the EJP SOIL aims and scope (max. 300 words)
  • contribution to EJP SOIL Expected Impacts
  • planned output/outcome useful for EJP SOIL
  • a letter of invitation from the host institution confirming the outreach and/or training agenda in the projected dates of the visit or the title, dates and place as well as scientific programme in case of workshops, seminars and scientific conferences
  • confirmation of the financing ability from home institution to cover the costs within the projected dates of the visit including budget (according to the format) outlining costs shared between home institution and EJP SOIL, and, if relevant, third party co–funding

The applicants are required to send all necessary documents within the prescribed timeline (from 1st April - 31st  of May and from 1st September - 31st of October in the appointed years).

  • The application form and attached documents have to be uploaded in the web application tool in a portable document format (.pdf) no later than on the day of closing the call.
  • The copy of application form and all of attached documents submitted to Task 5.4  have to be sent to Bożena Smreczak e-mail address: who is the leader of Task 5.4.
  • The copy of application form and all of attached documents submitted to Task 7.4  have to be sent Katharina Muerer: e-mail address: who is the leader of Task 7.4
  • The receipt of the application form and attached documents will be confirmed by a reply to the applicant's e-mail address by the task leader.
  • No task 5.4 or task 7.4 leader confirmation means that the documents have not been received. In such a case, please contact the certain task leader.
  • If the application form is considered as incomplete, the chairperson of the Scientific Committee will contact the applicant to supplement missing documents.
  • If the documents will not be supplemented within two working days, the Scientific Committee will not consider the application.
  • Admission decisions will be communicated electronically. Once the decisions have been made, the applicant will be notified personally.

Reporting of the visiting grants

  1. At the conclusion of the research programme, the applicant must submit the summary report in English (see Annex B) including:
    • name and surname of the grantee;
    • position;
    • home institution name and address;
    • host institution name and address;
    • host institution supervisor and her/his position in case of workshop or conference, please describe the title, place, country and duration;
    • duration of the visit;
    • actual budget allocation;
    • brief description of the activity and achievements of the short stay or granted visit (max. 500 words);
    • main output/outcome of the visit. Please, provide the references and insert links, if available;
    • main expected or unexpected benefits from the visit;
    • suggestions to improve this staff exchange for EJP SOIL.
  2. The report must be approved by the host supervisor and uploaded in the web application tool no later than 1 month after the end of the visiting period.
  3. Publications, reports or other outputs arising wholly or in part through the WP5 or WP7 programme for visiting scientists should include an acknowledgment of EJP SOIL support, as follows: “This project has received funding from the European Unions´ Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 862695 EJP SOIL” They should be also available/published here on the EJP SOIL website.